1. haquinzel:





    oh my god

    give this child’s parents a medal.

    How I’m a dress my kids when I have them.

    I’m not having kids but he is cute.

  2. "Winter is Coming…"

  3. The most ARRR-dorable pirate ever :P

  4. We took our kids on the Discover the Magic Tour at Disneyland where we embarked on an epic adventure in which we got to be pirates, jungle explorers, space rangers, and of course, hang out with Mickey Mouse. It was pretty magical.

  5. Last weekend we took our 2 year old daughter, Zoe to Pixie Hollow meet Tinkerbell for the first time ever and basically made all of her wildest little dreams come true (we disneybounded as fairies, but our son insisted on being Captain Hook). There’s no greater feeling as a parent than to be able to make your kids smile. Zoe won’t stop talking about her new friend, Tinkerbell. :)

  6. We can be so cheesy sometimes…
    (Get it? Because we’re Disneybounding as Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Oops…there I go being cheesy again. I’ll stop now. :P )

  7. erikaenchanted:

    Second star to the right, and straight on ‘till morning… ✨💚#tinkerbell #peterpan #disneyside

    Our little pixie

  8. erikaenchanted:

    I must’ve seen this episode of #PhineasAndFerb 100 times…how am I just now noticing the #muses from #Hercules on the vase Perry is hiding behind?!?! I’m so late, but my mind is still blown. Just one of the many reasons I’m completely obsessed with this show! 😍

  9. doctorwho:


    These Doctor Who-themed engagement photos are too cute for words.

    TJ Mundell and Timmy Patterson of Dallas constructed a custom TARDIS and hired photographers Shaun and Shannon Menary to shoot in an appropriately gloomy warehouse in Deep Ellum. To complete the scene, Patterson dolled up as the Ninth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) and Mundell went as the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

    Fittingly, Patterson’s proposal was something right out of a Doctor Who episode: “He proposed while we were hiking on a mountain in Japan last November,” recalled Mundell. “We were surrounded by monkeys and were almost killed by a giant Japanese wasp.”

    Patterson and Mundell will tie the knot on November 8 in Saratoga, California. [x]